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We understand that every customer's need is unique. More so with the rapidly changing Web environment. Having been in the corporate web development business, we are able to offer you services that are very specific and exclusive to your needs.

We specialize in web design for the home and small sized businesses. Our vision is to create the most successful web sites on the Internet. We offer web design, development, and web site promotion services that cover the full spectrum of your web site needs. That means we do everything that might be necessary to get your business online and your web site running.

During the design and development phases of the project, we proactively ensure that our clients are kept up to date with the status of their project at all time. Our quick turnaround allows our customers to provide the necessary feedback we require to deliver a customized project.

While customer input is welcomed, we realize that your main focus is your daily business activities. By listening to our customers up front, we eliminate unnecessary and expensive revisions. The result: professional designs - done right the first time.

As a small business, we understand the importance of budgets and strive to offer you excellent value for your money. Hilal Technology allows you to control your costs: what we quote is what you'll pay. We prevent spending from spiraling out of control, an issue that plagues so many design and development projects.

We’ll show you how to get the most for your money by presenting you the benefits and costs of various options, allowing you to decide which ones give your company the greatest advantage. Our experience gives your company marketing and sales advantages by providing a seamless user-friendly web experience. We also provide all the web based internal management tools your company needs.

We start with a preliminary consultation to assess your needs. We prepare a precise, detailed quote, including service plans. We give our clients the advantage of directly participating in the development process by monitoring our progress on-line. We have the expertise to explain to our clients the advantages and the limitations of various options. This ensures that our web design projects meet or exceed our client’s goals.

Most people surf the net to compare sources, but they still do almost all of their buying locally, based on the image presented on the company’s website. This is why we design some web sites for specific local markets like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Our services are always of the highest quality, and consistently offered at exceptional prices. We are continually committed to developing industry-leading applications and service platforms to provide our customers with the cutting-edge technology necessary to achieve their goals. We consider ourselves your long-term technology partner and it is our mission to provide our customers with the very best in all that we do!

Being a small company means we have low overheads and can be price competitive. It also means you deal with one person from start to finish. We always work closely with our clients from conception to completion of each project to ensure your business is promoted with the right technology.